August 17, 2015

DIY: Disney Autograph Book

For William's 1st birthday, we traveled back home, to California, to celebrate with our loved ones. We had a Toy Story themed birthday party for him. I had used his cake smash photos for thank you cards and for a Shutterfly photo book, that I had intended for guest to write a special birthday message to Will, but sadly I forgot all about it! I thought his poor little book was doomed, until I realized that we could use it as a Disney autography book!
DIY autograph book
We were stopping at Disneyland, for a few days, before heading back to Colorado, so it was the perfect save! I think it is a great alternative to the autograph books that you can buy at the park. Most are only big enough for a character or two to sign on a single page, but not much room for photos.

The Shutterfly book was 8x8, hardcover, had plenty of room for dozens of signatures, and already had pictures printed on every other page. The best part? Totally customizable! Plus I had gotten it for free and paid only shipping. Shutterfly frequently offers great deals on their photo books, making them cheaper than the actual Disney autograph books. When we passed it around to the characters, many gave us a sign of approval. We even made Pluto blush and clap at the sight of Will dressed up as Woody and smashing a hand full of cake into his mouth. I will definitely be doing this again.

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