November 7, 2014

Benvenuti in Italia

Verona Italy
Ciao! Well we made it to Italy at last and are now settling into our new home. I must have been jet lagged for a good five days. It was the longest flight I have ever taken. I was just glad to have survived it with a two year old who can't stay still and whose favorite word at the moment is "no". Nevertheless we are super excited to be here!

Italy is just as I imagined it to be. Life here is definitely a lot slower paced than back in the states. I hope we can adventure out more in the coming weeks. So far we have traveled to Verona, Milan, and Venice. We're hoping to explore further out but that will have to wait till we are fully settled in. We found the perfect home in a little quite town, in Northern Italy. These next few months will be spent unpacking and getting adjusted to life here, so please bare with me as I try and find the time to update you all on our little adventures abroad.